2019 Stellenberg High School Matric Farewell

To view and download all the photos of the evening, please click here.

All photos are full quality that can be used for printing. I organised the photos in different folders to make the viewing and downloading of photos a bit easier.

To download ALL photos within a folder, please click on the download all button on the large beginning/first photo of each folder.

To download individual photos, just click on the download button on the specific photo you want to download.

There are no costs involved, nothing needs to be paid. You can download everything for free.

Here is the link to the photos again: https://agape-studio.smugmug.com/BELOVED-PHOTOGRAPHY/School-Photography/2019-Stellenberg-High-School-Matric-Farewell

I am a photographer that can capture any event (weddings, corporate events, etc) or family shoots, etc. So please feel free to contact me if you have any inquiries.

Tiana Smith
084 558 5504

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