Leon & Colleen | Evertsdal Guesthouse & Doxa Deo Church

Leon & Colleen has such a special story! After 19 years of being together their church made it possible for them to get married at last! They met at a singing school, so it was just to special when they sang two songs during the ceremony - it had everybody in tears (me included :-)). It was a morning wedding, so we took all the photos before the ceremony at the beautiful Evertsdal Guesthouse in Durbanville. I wish this loving couple all the happiness in the world! May your light always shine so brightly!

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  1. Tiana, Leon and I are so thankful to you for capturing these precious moments so absolutely beautifully! We can't stop looking at them thinking through every minute of the most special day in our lives, one that we have been dreaming of for so long. Also thank you very much to your assistant Ilse! Thank you for being part of this day and the stunning memories you have given us to remember with these photographs. May our Heavenly Father bless you, your family and Beloved Photography, Leon and Colleen.


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