Kyle & Monique | Bontevlei

Monique got dressed at the lovely Lord Charles Hotel so we decided to also go and take a few couple photos there after the ceremony. What an amazing spot between the trees! When you see the view of the dam and the mountain from the deck at Bontevlei, then you can understand why Monique chose to have her reception there. It really is something special. 

The colours of her wedding was also very unique - black and white. Their son was an integral part of the day and he is soooo cute! The reception was one big party and I could really see that the guests where enjoying themselves.  I hope you enjoy the photos with me!


  1. What a STUNNING couple!! Die fotos is pragtig en het al die perfekte oomblike gevang :)

  2. aaaah woooooooooow!!!! Was truly a great day. Pretty photos. I can recall many of the moments. :)


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