Kiewiet & Annabie | Waverley Hills

 I Enjoyed Annabie and Kiewiet's wedding so much - we had so much fun their their couple shoot and bridal party shoot. The venue, Waverley Hills just outside Wolseley, is absolutely stunning with so many photo opportunities, it was difficult to decide where to take photos! The reception hall's decor was so stunning and I just loved the soft colours of this wedding.
I hope you enjoy the photos with me.



  1. Hi Tiana
    Die fotos is baie nice.
    Mr Music Mobile Disco

  2. These photographs are so beautiful...... They reflect the true spirit of a loving couple with wonderful friends and family. So much much purity. I can look at them over and over. Well done!!!

  3. Fina Prinsloo Waverley HillsMarch 24, 2014 at 7:26 AM

    Die mooiste, mooiste fotos ooit!


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